Cutting-edge examples of the use of optical illusion in design—from trompe l’oeil to anamorphosis—to solve various challenges, be they space or budget related, or that act as aesthetic features in architecture and the fields that rub elbows with it: art, design, and furniture.

This magical volume presents the startling world of illusion in design as employed by today’s architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and others at work bending the appearance of reality for purposes of aesthetics or practicality or fun. The authors look at residences across the globe, as well as spaces beyond the home, that utilize a myriad of surprising techniques. Included are projects by up-and-coming designers, such as Studio Malka and Vector Architects, as well as more established practioners, such as Ferguson and Shamamian, G. P. Schafer, Peter Pennoyer, and others.

"New York Living: Re-Inventing Home presents a wide perspective on New York habitats - from expansive pedigreed apartments in Manhattan to Staten Island homes. Much like the inhabitants of New York, this book has a diverse range of apartments - layered, minimalist, classic and contemporary."


"Holding the dark at bay, the dreamlike poems of Gay Giordano's Waking From So Rich A Nightmare stand against the unknown, intuiting with wit and vision that which we can perceive, even if only fleetingly."

—Publisher's Review